Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mission: You're brother-in-law just moved back from the mountains and you still can't get him to dress "appropriate" f0r the city. We advise to stop fighting against his rugged-ways and instead give him a small upgrade by making him shave off his santa claus beard. I mean, who doesn't like eye candy that looks so carefree and confident against the urban landscape?

Details: Nau Binary Jacket, $345; Nau Slim Tapered Jean, $180; Icebreaker Apollo Crew, $69; Alternative Rocky Zip Hoodie, $50; Timberland Boot Co. Counterpane Lace, $249; Coal Hat, $32

Next: So he still hasn't found a job? No worries, we understand that the market is still like- that's why we are offering his look at 40% OFF this week. Call for availability: 773.360.1520

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Datdude said...

Awesome you guys have some of the best bike chic looks in Chicago