Thursday, August 26, 2010

Marco Beghin ::. the interview

One doesn’t have to look far to hear talk of the dwindling “print” industry and most things analog. Our shift in the last few years towards a “paper-less” lifestyle with our iPads, e-readers and mobile phones stoked my inquisitive mind. How were traditional paper-based brands adapting? While reading’s future is seemingly cemented on a digital format, the age-old documentation of both serious and casual thoughts seems to be a little slower to adapt to a new electronic landscape. I can attest to this, my use of note-taking software such as Evernote really didn’t catch on for me when the convenience and ability to format size, color and boldness all came with the flick of a wirst; all the tools which lay before me with a simple pad and paper. It is this convenience, this authenticity and this intimacy that has become among the important factors that go into Moleskine’s continued success. Moleskine has become one of the most visible paper and notepad brands out there today. Finding itself into the repertoire of the lifestyles of many, an opportunity to speak with Marco Beghin meant getting to the bottom of how a paper brand can co-exist and succeed in an increasingly digital world.


Interview: Eugene Kan Photography: Andrew Krause

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