Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let 'Book Club' begin.....September 2, 2010

Book Club is a monthly, one night event/art show/networking get-together (call it what you will). The events will go all summer and fall (at Connect Wicker Park). These events will be called "Book Club", as in an artists book/portfolio. Each event will feature only one artists work at a time during a reception from 6-9p, as well as that same artist choosing the music/mood for their event via an ipod playlist.

These events are curated and promoted by (good friend) Sean Fermoyle and his design studio (Simpletype) as a way to get industry professionals together and offer networking and dialogue opportunities for friends, colleagues, past and hopefully future clients, as well as an opportunity (if the exhibiting artist should choose), to sell some of their works, however sales of art are not required. Additional marketing and promotional materials such as a physical portfolio, postcards, bus cards, t-shirts, etc are also encouraged to bring and share/sell to/with the public. These events as we envision will primarily focus on photography, design, illustration, and painting (but we are open to other disciplines).

All details for artists interested in participating are included in a document kit, which is available by contacting: (please include website link to your work). Included in kit are:
• a stuffed folder showing pics of the space
• contract with details/requirements, as well as what is offered and expected
• a mock-up of the flyer and "branding" look as we are implementing

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