Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ray Noland (CRO)

Go to the heart of the art district this week and enjoy the fantastic works of Ray Noland. Many of you may know him as CRO, he's the genius behind the "Run Blago Run" street art that was seen throughout Chicago not long ago. He also created, “Go Tell Mama!” – a grassroots Barak Obama art, video, and street campaign which began in 2006 and toured the country during the election of ‘08. Noland is the featured solo artist of the event called "Sweet Tea & American Values", brought to you by the Chicago Urban Art Society. I was there for the opening reception, and it was amazing. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND going there. The exhibit runs through June 30th 2010 at:

Chicago Urban Art Society: exhibition + creative-use space
2229 S. halsted street
Pilsen, Illinois