Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gorillaz in the Mist

The Gorillaz recently filled in for U2 at a music festival in England at the Glastonbury music festival. The 40th anniversary of the show seemed to not be a good fit for the Gorillaz, which I find odd because the lead singer Damon Albarn (from Blur) has been touted as a fan favorite twice before at this same very music fest...Peculiar..? I'd say...Apparently, people left before they were done with their set, because they "didn't recognize a lot of their new songs"...? Even local newspapers in England are calling their show an "EPIC FAIL". Whoa, all this just because they decided to do new material. Tough crowd. Kylie Minogue is set to play the main stage today...Here's a songs from 1999, that might work!

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