Monday, June 28, 2010

Child at Heart

Meet Kevin Lahvic, a modern day renaissance man, he has his hand in everything these days from creating magnificent art to hosting plays at his studio and...oh yea...he's also the association President of the prestigious Flat Iron Arts building in Chicago ( That explains why so many awesome things are going on at that place. Quite possibly one of the nicest gentlemen I know, just being around this guy for 5 minutes gives you a renewed sense of child-like exuberance for creativity. I got a chance to catch up with the always busy Mr. Lahvic.

Lonnie Edwards: Tell us about yourself..?
Kevin Lahvic: “Ask a class of first graders if there are any artists in the room and they will all raise their hands. My hand’s still up.”
L.E: Can you talk a little bit about how you first got interested and involved in art?
K.L: “My identity as an artist is truly my first memory, my first awareness of “self.” It’s all I’ve ever known. So the interest and involvement was really just part of being, with no identifiable starting point. Art is my oldest friend and the one constant.”
L.E: What is your general aesthetic? How would you describe your work’s subject matter to someone?
“Creating art makes my happy, literally. I work with a variety of themes and a range of styles, but the common thread is imagery that evokes a warm and positive vibe. The greatest compliment I can receive from someone is that my work makes them happy.”
L.E: I'd say your work brings me back to that feeling as a kid when I got the first batch of churros in the morning before school. Trust me, it was very exciting, I was a husky kid....So, what is your goal with your art?
K.L: "Self-expression, creating art, is really not a choice, it’s what I HAVE to do. So, I guess my goal is to continue to support myself as an artist and enjoying the blessing of doing what I love for a living."
L.E: Wicked fresh answer! And with that being said, any words of advice for other artists, designers, or creatives trying to master their craft and find their place ?
K.L: “Create, Exhibit, Share, rinse and repeat.“

Kevin Lahvic will be participating in the Chicago portion of a North American tour called "Paint Wars" July 9th -July 10th for more information on the event and tour got to:

For more information on Kevin Lahvic and to purchase some of his work visit his site:

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