Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trash + Beauty

'Plastic Baskets' (pictured above) and Manifesto by artist Josh Blackwell

Paper and Plastic
A Manifesto for Casual Use

Carelessness with carefulness
Soft-build not athletic
Vintage and future
Casual and formal
Mountains not beaches
Volume after flatness
Grace Jones and Leigh Bowery
Ballets before musicals
Demy and Tati
Trousers or sweaters
Oxford Bags and Nantucket Reds
Sandals instead of shoes
Booking versus tooling
Imi Knoebel and Donald Judd
Paper and plastic

The Plastic Gone Fish In

The shapes of an uncontrollable quality

to them and stop abruptly. We're aware of

what we're doing, and we do it anyway.

Photography: Thorsten Jansen

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