Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The goof within.....

A memorable trip to Nashville last weekend and the Wisconsin Dells this week....not sure if it was the constant laughter shared with some of Connect's closest friends or the 'Honky Tonk/Carnival-on steroids' atmosphere of the towns themselves that made this post seem appropriate.

Probably a combination of both - and it definitely sparked the playful-side in all of us. This Spring could bring out your inner-child...make an effort to get out in the much missed sun...sketch out your dreams and ideas...play dress up...do what makes you the happiest...and make sure to spend time with those you love.

In the theme of our recent travels and the light-hearted, a few images (sounds) to take in...

Broadway - Nashville Photo by Kevin Brady

Oh, the sounds of Nashville's very-own, Old Crow Medicine Show

The Crew on Broadway - Wisconsin Dells Photo by Jennifer Shoop

Crayon Rings [2009] by Tim Liles via The Future Perfect

Trojan Horse Roller-coaster (totally normal, right?) - Wisconsin Dells

Baumhauser prefab treehouses by Baumraum (no longer just a child's dream)


Filtered, BPA-free water bottle by Karim Rashid (desperately needed after 'goofing') - now at Connect

Banquette Chair sharks and dolphins by Fernando and Humberto Campana via Moss

Patio Dining in Nashville Photo by Kevin Brady

Casual Chic with the Garden Tunic by Stewart+ Brown at Connect Lincoln Park