Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Robot House presents: Loose Cannons

Connect is very pleased to announce a truly authentic conscious event on the lower -level of our boutique in Wicker Park. The event promises to be a fun, lighthearted way to kick off the weekend and to be completely different than the usual wine-and-cheese art opening.

Robot House presents: Loose Cannons, opening in it's new event space, Connect Commons on September 11, 2009. The collaborative show will feature a full-room graffiti art installation from local artists, James Ford, Dave Valente, Jason Nonnenmann, Ken Klopack and Brandon Hanson. This marks their 2nd collaboration in the past few years.

This event will take place from 7 to 11 pm on the 11th.

Loose Cannons will be a full room installation depicting a seaside wharf in full swing. The town is replete with buccaneers and bar wenches, all causing chaos and blowing off steam. The three-dimensional installation will have live action aspects to it as well, with some of the pieces moving.

Rum drinks will be flowing. Light food will be served. DJ's will be here throughout the night. There will be apparel, screen-printed posters, and other art for purchase. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Little Black Pearl.

A suggested donation of $5 will support:

Little Black Pearl



Their talents, needs, questions and hopes are entrusted to us. Our job is to guide, nurture, support, empower, and challenge them. They are the heart and hope of our community. At Little Black Pearl (LBP) we commit ourselves each day to achieving success for all children by empowering them to envision and achieve their unique potential through art and entrepreneurship. Moreover, we believe that art is an integral part of a healthy community and its presence creates opportunities for community and economic development.


Beginning as a dream ten years ago in the basement of a gray stone, today Little Black Pearl is a thriving nonprofit serving youth in the Kenwood/Oakland, Woodlawn, and Bronzeville neighborhoods on Chicago's south side. Firmly rooted in the black community, as the population has changed, so has Little Black Pearl by working with an increasingly diverse youth population and adding curriculum and services for adults and families. Today home for Little Black Pearl is its state of the art 40,000 square foot Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center located in the Kenwood/Oakland neighborhood. This cultural arts center not only houses LBP but provides opportunities in art, culture and entrepreneurship to youth, adults and families across Chicago.


LBP works diligently to counter the challenges urban youth face by providing a safe environment, positive role models, and rigorous program and skill development activities and opportunities. Our 10-year history has successfully proven that it is possible to marry art and entrepreneurship through real life application of talent, interest and skills. At Little Black Pearl, youth feel safe and open to exploring, expressing and challenging their ideas and feelings through art. The combination of art and business bring out innate talents and shows youth the value of their work. They learn lifelong skills; enhance their self-esteem and benefit from the sale of their art. A wide array of works of art created by youth in programs and workshops provided by Little Black Pearl are available for purchase through the Art and Design Center.


Friday September 11th 2009
From 7-11pm


1330 N.Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642
(Lower-Level Event Space)



Our best,


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