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Life at Connect Chicago is an ethical journey in assisting people, preserving the planet, and sustaining a profitable business.  The singular bottom line has been replaced by conscious capitalism.   What does this mean?

A conscious consumer is someone who is aware of the effect each decision has on the globe. Whether they know the full history behind a purchasing decision or the simple implications of conventional vs. organic, they do know that their actions have an impact on the future of our global environmental and social conditions. Consumers today have the opportunity to vote with their dollars and create change through educating themselves, sharing facts, and reacting.

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Making responsible purchasing decisions can be hard but incredibly rewarding. 

Eco-conscious consumers are becoming more aware of the positive impact that eating clean foods and purchasing responsible products will have on their own lifespan. As consumers learn about their exposure to toxins through plastic water bottles; synthetic hormones through food, fragrances, and plastics; diseases through poor diets and exercise; the demand for product and corporate transparency has never been greater. The LOHAS consumer (a $424 B US market composed of 60 M people) wants to wear healthy clothing, eat organic foods, and vote with their dollars by making responsible purchasing decisions.

New Ground is breaking:

The conscious consumer is an authentic change agent, they are recognizable by virtue of their overall attitude towards life more so than any specific psychographic characteristic.  This psychographic has a youthful spirit and a desire to engage in life to learn, to change, and to remain vital and active. This core individual seamlessly combines their attributes, attitudes, values, behaviors, and worldwide views through a multidimensional life-style balanced between their professional and personal lives.

At the center of their optimism is a genuine desire to exercise personal responsibility, make a difference, and leave a legacy.

The conscious customer lives an integrated life, one that embraces technology as a tool for constructive change while honoring and referencing the wisdom of traditional cultures.  The idea of progress is not inherently uncomfortable to them as long as its aligned with what we need, not just what we are capable of.

These consumers are inherently curious- they are students of life. .  Although they understand that not all is right in the world, they don’t stagger in resignation, complacency, or passive acceptance.  They appreciate the benefits of the material realm, but do not abuse them; instead they are more passionate about creating a soulful, authentic life that is infused with purpose.  This impulse leads them to cultivate a finer appreciation for the importance of good design and the aesthetic experience.  Their creative enthusiasm, intellectual engagement, and active approach to life allow them to live for an optimistic future and serve as acolytes to their peers.

They’re mobile and adaptable which enables them to easily cross or blur traditional geographical, cultural, informational and social boundaries.  It’s this physical, intellectual, and social mobility that enables them to find global inspiration while becoming locally active and well rooted.

The Conscious customer seeks out urban environments with a combination of diverse stimuli and dense connections.  Increasingly, they also are the individuals looking for material surroundings that possess a combination of smart invention, design, thought, high efficiency, and environmentally friendly building techniques.

 Core Values

Conscious Customers, in general, have a multi-facet of beliefs and/or feelings that make up their value system.  Authentic brands that share and identify with this value system are most likely to gain loyalty from these individuals.  The following are just some of the feelings and beliefs from these forward thinking individuals:

  • The planet is a living, interconnected system, and in need of immediate protection.
  • Humanity is only a part of nature’s complex web of life, and not it’s master.
  • Government activities should emphasize children’s education and well being, rebuilding our neighborhoods and communities, and creating an ecologically sustainable future.
  • Corporations, left unchecked, will often engage in irresponsible and immoral social and environmental work.
  • Much more needs to be done to guarantee equality for women, religious, racial, and ethnic groups internal and externally outside of The United States of America.
  • That concerned people can make a difference in solving the world’s problems.
  • Eager to purchase goods and services from businesses that are doing responsible social and environmental work.
  • Value authenticity and quality.

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