Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Art and Design GALLERY 400
Art and Design Bldg.
400 S. Peoria St.


BUILDING A BRIGHTER FUTURE one step at a time.
Reality Bites, or does it?
Design, Business and Sustainability,
ca. 2009

Jonathan Shaun, founder and CEO, 3.ZERO
Jonathan Shaun has worked with various companies
including Vail Associates,, and Nau
Inc. He has been a self-declared serial entrepreneur
since 1994. His diverse background in Sustainability
Consultancy, Conscious Marketing Development,
Environmental Retail Strategies, and Apparel
Manufacturing has authentically created a
well-rounded skill set for companies needing a
wide-range of expertise.

Enter 3.ZERO, A Not Just For Profit Sustainability
Consultancy in Chicago. His newest venture is called
Connect, a retail showroom and conscious event
space in Wicker Park, which stocks the entire Nau 2.0
collection and other Sustainable apparel, accessories,
and furniture with social responsibility at the core.
Shaun will speak about Sustainable design, the triple
bottom line, and other factors pertaining to operating
conscious business in the 21st Century.

Elizabeth Redmond, Individual Sustainability Consultant
After completing her BFA in sustainable design at the University of
Michigan, School of Art and Design, Elizabeth Redmond went to work
with and mentor under her sister, Sara Snow, Natural Living Expert
and television show host of "Get Fresh with Sara Snow". Elizabeth
helped Sara develop content on natural, healthy, and sustainable
living while they traversed the country shooting segments on
incredible people doing incredible work.

Redmond is now a 24-year-old self proclaimed designer and inventor.
Since spring 2007 she has worked with a start-up company called
Ecolect that helps professionals in design influenced fields learn
about and source sustainable materials. Through consulting
contracts she helps clients see the whole life cycle of a product they
are introducing to the market or space they are plopping down on a
site and make responsible and sustainable decisions in the design
process. Elizabeth is also inventor of POWERleap- a flooring system
that generates electricity from human motion. She will be speaking to
you about life as an inventor, entrepreneur, and designer, and how to
turn big ideas into reality.

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